The world has grown up when it comes to leading a healthier lifestyle, so isn’t it time soda does, too?

Forget sugar rushes, rude colours, artificial sweeteners and synthetic ingredients no one can pronounce.

Tasty and refreshing, PURA Soda has just five ingredients, a sprinkle of pure cane sugar and a skinny 50-55 calories per 330 ml can. It’s soda PURA and simple. Or, as we like to call it, the evolution of soda.

No animal by-products either. Including BS.


Sickly Sweet isn’t one of our 5 refreshing flavours.

As far as we know, of all the sodas available in South Africa, PURA Soda has the least amount of added sugar. When we add it, we do it sparingly, to enhance the flavour rather than to be the flavour.

Why do you think our can is so skinny?


Here’s a little secret you may already know – your eyes don’t have taste buds.

Here’s one you may not – artificial colourants are only added to foods & beverages to make them more visually appealing – which is why we’ve come to expect an orange-coloured drink to have an orange taste. The truth is, colourants aren’t
related to flavour at all. 

We’re just being transparent with you.


Our natural flavours come from natural sources. The original ingredients are found in nature and then purified and extracted to their pure, or should we say, PURA essence. No compromises. Just refreshingly real flavour for the more discerning palate.


You can find PURA Soda at these major retailers and more and more boutiquey shops.

You can find PURA Soda
at these major retailers and
more and more boutiquey shops.

© 2017 Pura Soda. All Rights Reserved.

© 2017 Pura Soda. All Rights Reserved.